A Summary of Aleph Shin

by Sender Zeyv

Over thirty years ago, an Israeli submarine, the Dakar, disappeared without a trace on its maiden voyage. On May 28, 1999 the wreckage of the vessel was found 2800 meters below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. Over the years, several theories had emerged as to its fate. Samson’s Lion, a fictional story, is predicated on a novel idea. The submarine was deliberately made to vanish and later scuttled. It concealed a vital, top secret mission of the Israeli secret service.

It is now the future. Missiles carrying poison gas launched from Iran rain down upon the Israeli populace in the wee hours of the morning. Israel doesn’t react. But a few hours after the onset of the attack, strange and inexplicable phenomena begin to wreak deadly havoc throughout the Middle East. Thousands of terrorist fighters on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border are plagued by an unknown deadly insect. People in the streets and squares of numerous cities throughout the Arab world begin dropping like flies, moribund to a torrent of invisible neutrons. The Aswan Dam mysteriously suffers a devastating earthquake, flooding out hundreds of thousands of dweller along the banks of the Nile River. The world can only speculate that Israel was behind this fierce and grotesquely exaggerated retaliation.

Less than one hundred men on the face of the earth knew exactly how these simultaneous responses were planned, implemented and executed. When you read Aleph Shin, you will learn about the cunning, the stealth, the boldness, and the ingenuity of the men who volunteered for this life long Mossad project, insuring the survival of the Jewish State under a Doomsday scenario.

You will learn:

How Alon Barnash, alias Abdallah Ibn Gash in the guise of a devout Muslim, raises a son who, independently, finds the path to Judaism. The boy, a computer whiz, then joins his father in planting the infrastructure to sunder the Aswan High Dam.

How Eli Kedem, alias Farshid Kermani, planted in Isfahan Iran, is discovered by an American business magnate, and is forced to assist in the rescue of his employees caught in the wake of a fanatical revolution.

How the heretofore secular but brilliant Benny Harkesef serendipitously found deep spiritual meaning in joining the project. Then, as Robert Benson, under deep cover in the United States, confounds an attack on Israel and helps to foil a conspiracy against the President of the United States.

Aleph Shin, blends just the right amount of action with sentimentality, politics, religious zeal and suspense, to make for a can’t-put-it-down read and an illuminating experience.

The finale’ of the book peaks in a tumultuous crescendo of abysmal mayhem. The President of the United States, under tremendous pressure to compel Israel to stop the catastrophe in the Arab world, is usurped by a conspiracy of the generals of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, dissatisfied with the President’s reticence. Alas they too, cannot cajole, cannot threaten and cannot control the massive yet untraceable Israeli retaliatory measures. In a last ditch effort, they launch a cruise-missile attack against Israel, which, astoundingly backfires. As the international community coalesces to mount an all out effort to destroy Israel, salvation comes as the world is on the brink of Armageddon. An unexpected, undreamed of, series of events takes place. One man, out of nowhere begins a new wave of humanity that overturns the world order from that of cupidity, hedonism and godlessness, to one of justice, peace and prosperity.

It is a book of adventure and horror, but also one of hope. Out of a frenzied abyss of violence, evil, intrigue and chaos can emerge light and beneficence; it can be the culmination of human existence. Samson’s feat is repeated. From Samson’s Lion (Aleph Shin in Hebrew stands for Ari Shimshon – Samson’s Lion) flows forth sweet honey.