TMS Publishing Company is happy to inform you that we have gone into direct distribution of our products. Our first title, Aleph Shin was a tremendous success, #1 Best Seller in Country Yossie’s Family Magazine Sep. 2000.

Our first title, Aleph Shin, which was produced specifically for the Orthodox market, is the same story as Samson’s Lion (ISBN 0-96770-440-5), which was distributed in the general market and is also available from us or from most On-Line Book Stores (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Borders, Half.com, etc.) The difference between the books is that Samson’s Lion contains expletives and a few emotional scenes between a man and a woman (very innocuously portrayed). These have been removed in the Aleph Shin version.



The Prequel to Aleph Shin

If you liked Aleph Shin, you will love Ten Lost. After three printings, Aleph Shin is out of print again, TMS Publishing made the decision to reprint Aleph Shin in the same Volume as the new Ten Lost... for not one penny extra cost ($24.95). The new book is 672 pages of thrills, adventure and inspiration.

Ten Lost should only be read after reading Aleph Shin. Ten Lost, melds our character into historical events from 1958 to 1968. It also explores some of the legends about the ten lost tribes of Israel. The story takes the form of a hunt for secrets and the correct interpretation of the puzzle they form. Our character literally climbs mountains to learn those secrets. The book is full of political commentary from a spiritual perspective. Physical confrontations pervade our character, who learns to prevail in all of them. Although a novel, over 140 footnotes cite pertinent sources and help the reader to understand the historical characters and episodes. Ten Lost is peppered with maps, photos, illustrations and charts. Join the Odyssey and buy Ten Lost today (release date: June 2008, ISBN 978-09677044-5-6).

TMS is an avant guarde Jewish publishing company, not afraid to publish high-level literature that conforms 100% to Torah outlook. No scatological language or graphic scenes are found in our titles. However, we don’t subscribe to the censorship of mature concepts and realistic life experiences, which has relegated much of Orthodox literature to children’s books.

TMS Publishing greatly appreciates readers comments on our books. You have accolades or criticisms? Please Email them!